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Feb 16, 2018

Episode Links:



The Coast Ride 

Dirty Kanza

Scott Witthoff <Strava>

Episode 3 Recommended Ride <Strava ride link>


Scott Witthoff : 00:03 What's hard about the first 50 miles of dirty Kansas is you're in a group of 50 guys and women. You're surrounded by folks all around you and you. It's really...

Feb 16, 2018

Episode links:

Nate King Instagram

Officially Serious Gravel Bicycle Ride loop <Strava>

Above Category Bike Shop

Chpt 3


Tushar Crusher  

Episode Transcript 

Thanks for joining us on The Gravel Ride this week, Nate. I know you're busy preparing for your trip to Spain. But I appreciate you taking the time to...

Feb 16, 2018

Introduction to The Gravel Ride Podcast.   A cycling podcast where we will be discussing the people, places and products that define modern gravel cycling.  


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